Saturday, April 7, 2012

Suesh Basic Makeup Workshop

I don't know how, when or where it even started but one day I found myself engrossed with makeup artistry more than anything. Slowly, I've been building my makeup arsenal. Adding a few tools and palettes here and there. But I think that's not enough so one day I just signed up for Suesh Basic Makeup Workshop, just to learn the basic techniques and be in the company of other makeup lovers...Guess what? Best decision ever!

Posh interior

The workshop took place in their makeup studio in Wilson, Greenhills. Greenhills! That alone did it for me :) The class went on from 9am to 12nn. It was so helpful. Learned a few tricks here and there from makeup maven Suzanne Tan.

makeup mayhem!

my classmates :)

The workshop included a brush. You can choose your their personal to pro sets. Plus! you get free color palette! That's all you'll need for the class cause otherwise, they have an abundant supply of cosmetics you can use!

We were a small group of 7 which I find very practical since we all had hands-on experience.

We practiced the day and night looks and learned lots of techniques in between. In applying makeup, I learned that it's just about using the right tools and knowing the basic techniques.

epic fail. this is supposed to be other before, day and night pics. walang difference lang haha :)

For 3 hours, you can imagine I wanted to learn more so I guess I have to prepare for advanced class or more. I made a promise to myself before going in that if this workshop works out for me and I kinda liked being in class again, I would have to officially enroll in makeup school! haha! Who am I kidding? I didnt need much convincing once I stepped in :) So....let's see what will happen.

I'm excited for the next level. Can't wait to be a MUA haha! :)

which one looks good? my makeup or the chinese food at the back? :)


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jennif's Prom

Had been busy all week for my sister's prom prep. it was so much fun trying on different dresses and looks for the big day :) shallow as it may seem to some, but it's so fulfilling to put together a look that works. from the perfect dress to accessories and makeup. not mentioning the fact that i was doing this with my sister! sooo much fun!

in-house MUA. trying on different looks for her grecian-inspired motif

this makes me miss my prom days :)

isn't she lovely? :)

thanks Jennif for letting me be a part of it. brace yourself because Tal's next :) more fun coming soon!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amazing Apple! (1st Gen Nano Replacement)

Is anyone still a 1st Gen Nano owner around here? Hope you guys heard that Apple will be replacing your unit because of battery problems. Well, we still are! It's been with my siblings for years...True to its name, we passed it from one sibling generation to the next :) That's how ancient and AMAZING it is! Still working by the way. (with battery glitch only)

check it out!

Anyway, over a month ago, I went to Power Mac Center in Greenbelt 3 to inquire if our 1st Gen iPod Nano is eligible for replacement. On the spot, they asked me to surrender the unit for verification and wait about a week for confirmation.

The thing, I've learned, with Apple Service Centers is that you don't wait for their call. YOU call them otherwise, you wait a looooong time.....for nothing. :) Don't worry because it's not a hassle dealing with them. They get things done right away. After more than a week, I called and got a confirmation that our unit is eligible for replacement. Woot! But we'll have to wait for 4-6 MONTHS for the new one. BOO! Surreal waiting time.

So i waited again....til my brother told me to go the Power Mac instead because they usually have stocks ready and not just updating you. SO TRUE! Unit is already available! Check out the new iPod Nano 6th Gen we got...for FREE! And, with 8gb of storage! What an upgrade from our 2gb! Exciting!

*8GB, silver, no box, no earphones, 3-month warranty. Replacement term is unit for unit only*

Yay! This completes our iPod family :)

Thanks, Apple!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jogging Club

Sticking to our new Creative Team vision for 2012 of a Fit Body = Fit Mind, we have officially started our jogging club. haha!

Join us and stay fit as well :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ola, Holga!

My sister's new toy! Holga Twin Lens. I don't really know how the photos will turn out until they all get developed but this is a great thing to play with. So fun to take photos the old school way again haha. Hello, film!

Will post photos soooon!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Bring It!

Bigger! Bolder! Better!

Yup, I'm ready 2012! Let's go!

Happy New Year everyone!

This year's mantra:

Live healthier.
Laugh louder.
Love deeper.

You ready? :)

Adele: Live at the Royal Albert Hall

Been waiting for this for months! Finally, I was able to get a copy of Adele's RAH DVD! What a way to end my 2011!

Since its announcement for a November 28 release, I couldn't wait long enough to get my hands on one. Come November, the dvd hasn't arrived in the Philippines yet...aaaarrrgggghhhh! I was heartbroken! I just patiently checked on the record bars every now and then until I finally saw one in Landmark just this December 28! 1 month of waiting but nonetheless, I got one!!!

This is definitely worth the wait! For just P550, you'll actually feel like you've gone to London and watched this live. Every song sends chills down your spine. She's a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

pretty adele on the cover

dvd includes: booklet, dvd and cd versions

So this is how I basically prepared for the new year, watching the DVD endlessly :)

Love this so much!